You've got a million things to worry about. Whether your a small business owner, a human resources manager, a marketing manager or a team leader, you have so many things to focus on. The last thing you need is the hassle of inventory issues and trying to fit your staff and customers with apparel. Let us cover your back.


I spend so much time dealing with questions and hassles.

With our online process, your staff and customers will be well taken care of.  If there are any issues that arise, we communicate directly with your staff to find a solution, so you don’t have to chase people down or waste time collecting money.

I've got a ton of money and storage space tied up in having apparel on hand.

Eliminate the space and budget of having to stock apparel for new hires.  Send them to us and we’ll get them outfitted, while you worry about the important things.

I'm having issues with orders not showing up on time.

We pride ourselves on getting orders completed and delivered in two weeks or less.  You’ll get your order, in your hands, without having to wait a month or two and completely forgetting what it was you ordered

It's impossible to get answers in a timely manner.

We have people who can get you answers, right away.  With a phone number and an email address, there is a fast, easy way to contact us, should you ever have any questions.


    Give your new staff an allowance to spend. Anything above that, they pay for, so you won't have anyone wrecking your budget. Are you running an internal contest or have a special client you want to thank? Give them some company bucks to spend on apparel and items that will help promote your brand.


    You'll have complete control over what people are wearing, with your brand on it. From styles and colors to co-brands, you decide what is available on your store.


    You and your staff are able to see what sizes and colors are in stock, right away, before you place your order. This gives you confidence that your order won't float out in limbo for a month.


    You can run your store in so many ways! If you want a seasonal store, with an ordering window, to keep everyone organized and keep the costs down, we can do that. If you want a store that stays open all year, we can do that too. We can set up certain areas for your sales team and others for management. We can password protect certain products or the entire store, if you want. You can have orders shipped directly to staff or available for pick up. There are so many different ways to do things that you'll be amazed at how flexible your store can be.

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  • ERIC

    SD Selects

    The online store system requires essentially zero management or interaction from me, or our staff.  Our time is best spent focused on ways to enhance our member experience rather than on apparel designs and orders and I feel like Dakota Sports online store system is built for clubs like us.  With such little required of us, but still providing a customizable fundraising opportunity for the club, Dakota Sports has been a great partner to SD Selects Hockey.


    Baltic Booster Club

    I can't say enough good things about Dakota Sports & Lettering. I reached out to Curt & his Team when I took on the task of being in charge of our school Spirit wear to help with the design, specific items, sales and distribution of all of our Spirit Wear. Curt and his team were very professional in listening and understanding what I wanted for designs & items and the implementation of those designs far exceeded my expectations. They worked very well when we had last minute changes under a time crunch. The ease for our students, parents, staff and community to purchase the spirit wear items online was glitch free & smooth as can be. Turn around time was also amazing! We've had our highest sales of spirit wear on record in the last 2 years since we trusted Curt & his team. Our Fans were definitely the best dressed fans each and every time.


    Director of Sales & Marketing of Anytime Fitness

    Dakota Lettering has been a lifesaver for our company! With over 100 employees in 8 states, their website allows our employees the freedom to choose the uniform items they like best while freeing up our HR team. Their apparel is high quality and ships directly to the employee. We have been working with Dakota Letting for 2 years now and I wouldn’t take our uniform business anywhere else!”


    Director of Brand Experience of Hegg Companies

    I love working with Dakota Lettering. They are extremely responsive, helpful, and accommodating to all our needs. The product quality and service are outstanding. The customer service is a 10/10. They make you feel like you are their most important client. Absolute rockstars! Thank you Team at Dakota Lettering

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